Ideas, plans, duties.


  • magnetic sculpture [elephant and the birds] I've just started 
  • 365 days project - made yesterday samples
  • flower pot macrame
  • window makrame [I've bought plenty of cotton rope for makramas. I want to combine them with some plymer details...]
  • paper strap christmas tree decor 
  • paper cut snowflakes [already done, hanging on the window] 
  • new angel jumping jack [they are already in progress - one of them belowe]
    skeleton of a jumping jack angel

  •   365 DAYS PROJECT - I'm starting on 22nd of December 2015. And in fact it will be 366 days project because 2016 has that one extra day in February. So... I'm planing to create four different sculptures of a tree, every one of them representing a season. Every day I'm going to make a single leaf/flower/branch. The span of a calendar season is time for preparing a sculpture. So in winter I have to make about 90 leaves and a trunk with branches. In spring there are going to be flowers insead of leaves. Etc.  I hope the project gives me an exit door in case of boredom [ I'm afraid I wouldn't bear making the same obejct for the whole year.] And the daily task is really simple and not so time-consuming - that makes chances for completion bigger. A leaf a day. The rest of the tree can be made in any spare time I have. I can call my project a tree a season. ;] 
  • The aim of my project is to create someting beautiful, do it slowly, try to reflect all richnes of the weather and season and finally develope as an artist, learn new techniques and have fun. 
  • there are some of them, life can't go on without fulfilling them. And it's Christmas... 

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