The Ant Queen - new desing

Here is The Ant Queen - in her blue glory. Recently I've focus on insects - caterpillars, flies and wasps. I've done three caterpilars, two flies and a wasp and ant queen so far.

ant queen - polymer clay and cooper leaf made by nibyniebo

ant queen - polymer clay and cooper leaf made by nibyniebo

ant queen - head  - polymer clay and cooper leaf made by nibyniebo


Little jars

I have waited for them one month. Uh, so long.
They are just I imagined, or may be a bit bigger.
One was broken. ;[
I have some special project in mind for the jars.

Now let's see some progress in birds diorama...
blue tree progress

Blue and red tree - home for clay birds from a clay story


Photosession day - Look at the beginings...

Yes, suddenly the clouds revealed the sun, and the light was perfect for taking photos.
I took some photos of my puppets made of air drying clay. I made the puppets almost a year ago. I fell in love with making them almost instantly. I fell in love with a air drying clay - so silky and soft in touch. I painted the figures in cooper and black acrylic and the pink parts left untouched.
air drying clay jumping jack minimalist people by Nibyniebo
Flying creatures;

Diorama with a sailor;


Paris - I'm so sad and sorry for what happened

How shocking and dreadful that was.
I can't understand, and feel so worried.
Sending my thoughts to Paris today.


Winter Unicorn diorama

Finally I can present Winter Unicorn diorama. The Unicorn moves his legs when you pull the line. Every snowflake is different. Everything is handmade of polymer clay. I will soon list it in my Etsy store.
Winter Unicorn diorama - lovely wall decor


Caterpillar - another 'bottle' project.

Here it goes; caterpillar made of fimo. Her destination is a small bottle. The bottle hasn't arrived yet [from China -aaa ;]

Caterpillar in progress

Caterpillar's legs in progress



Birds - clay painting in progress stage 1.

I've started working on 'Birds' diorama - kind of clay painting. The last sketch is my guideline (you can see sketches here http://nibyniebo.blogspot.com/2015/11/sketches.html .)

Clay bird in progress

Clay bird





This weekend I had very little time. I just drew. These are the sketches of polymer clay picture. Birds will be movable.
birds in the moonlight sketch no.1

birds in the moonlight sketch no.2

birds in the moonlight sketch no.3