I'm Justyna, creator behind Nibyniebo. I design and make everything by myself. And this is something I'm truly passionate about. I wish I could do it all lifetime.
My journey with polymer clay can be presented in three stages.
I stage- 2011 or 2012 - I bought a brick o silver polymer clay, because I  wanted to crate a kind of souvenir key as a gift. I made the key sveral times, burned it once, destroyed one baked when testing strenght and hated that awful polymer clay.
II stage - 2014 I was inspired with a jumping jack toy that my son got from his grandma. I coudn't resist that idea, and I end up creating fragile miniature jumping jack out of air drying clay. Then I discovered that they were too fragile and break too easily... and I started to look for some other material, and I rediscovered polymer clay. Jumping jacks are truly jumping, they are handmade by me with attention to details, every one of them is unique. Usually i create a couple, to make them happier when they hang in the frame. They are wall decor, quite interractive, someone can see them as a toy but only for older children. In hands of toddlers they survive several minutes before kids bend their antennas and necks.
For the whole 2015  I was creating jumping jacks out of air drying clay and then with polymer clay. And slowly the new concept of a polymer clay clock was rising in my head, and the first  clock I made in December 2015. And Since than I was perfecting the technique in creating clocks. So...
III stage - 2016 wall Clocks. :) it started right at the beginning of 2016. I was sculpting clock as a present for Christmas 2015. I didn't make it on time ;)

 My polymer clay adventure is only a tip of an iceberg - my heart is full of paintings, miniatures, handmade notebooks, sculptures, dioramas, all those pretty things chasing me since I was small.

The year 2017 has brought a lot of changes. In January I came up with the idea of polymer clay embroidered on hoop. Since I invented it one night the next day I started testing, experimenting and tremendously enjoying the process of creation. This is how my 3D embroidered pieces were born. And they are still ever changing and evolving.

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