in the meantime

It's like many projects at a time.
This is very spontaneous  jumping jack horse.
I started a quick sketch late in the evening, finished the horse the next day. Now its baked.
polymer clay jumping jack horse, position no.1   

polymer clay jumping jack horse, position no.2



I'm making some eyes.

fimo eyes for all watching diorama with jumping jack


Never say never...

I said ' it wouldn't be sunny that week' and it is sunny today. So i take advantage and quickly made a photosession for sisters - the ones that I introduced earlier - and for crazy green-orangep-nightglow couple.

handmade polymer clay small popets

polymer clay miniature puppets


How are things going...

Queen of the pinwheel fields. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

I've ordered frames for two dioramas. They are ready. And the dioramas need just a few details to complete. To do this I need to bake, to bake I need to make more puppets to bake effeciently.

'wondering with my head in the clouds' - puppet diorama under construction

The next thing is the weather. I need sunny day for photshooting. It won't be sunny this week.

I feel sort of stuck in the process. Diorama is something really time consuming. But I can't live without them. They are like painting and dreams at the same time. I've already made plenty of sketches...

But I hope the next week will be more time.

Finally I have a new light.


What did I do this week?

1. buy new bulb for stronger lamp --------------not done
2. tidy your workshop--------------------------done!
3. finish not finished puppets--------------------not done
4. finalise diorama------------------------------done! but must be framed!
5. make a gallery of puppets on nibyniebo blog--done!
6. list on Etsy! ----------------------------------done!

This is the box with tools and fimo library tidied

Mountain diorama under construction
Fimo mountain, eyes cane