My art didn't go viral but it doesn't really matter for passionate artist.

A few months ago I was featured on Bored Panda, and then a few other features followed. But it's not that easy my art didn't become 'viral'.
My Instagram account has 160 followers, but the photos and hastags are not the case.

When you are an artist the things that matter are ideas, creative proccess and above all the message and self-experssion. That's the source of my joy at least. I stubbornly play that game of art because it is the sense of my life. It is fulfilling and it is fun.

My brain was contaminated with art virus in the early childhood. I grew up with crayons and brushes and colorful paper. I can't get rid of them, so I celebrate art. I do it despite life circumstances, discouragement and lack of income from artistic activity.

I'd like to tell you today - go and create. And be happy in that process. Enjoy tremendously and shamelessly every creative minute of your life!


Juicy red-orange polymer clay wall clock

Here it is, a polymer clay wall clock, all fresh and juicy. And as usual, a lot of projects running in the background. I'm so overwhelmed with my ideas. I'm so in love with creating.