Sunny afternoon with fantasy beetles!

This is the part of my wall arrangements project where I create the whole piece of wall with the clock in the center.
There will be a few small pictures of beetles, a circle macrama, cacti pot, glass dome with something - a bird or just something and maybe a small botanical painting.

These are the beetles that I worked on today:


Wall with wall clock - I sketch it all.

Last weekend I spend designing walls with my insect wall clocks (that don't exist yet). This is first step to creating real wall with a clock as a cherry at the top of a cake. :)
And trying plenty of walls I fell in love with one small drawing of a set of two clocks. I drew them larger and have already started making form scrach. Yes, I know, I didn't finish the bee clock.
Have a look at the sketches.


Studio time - Polymer Clay Wall Clock - Bee

I'm so tired of this week! I had lots of things to do, and very little time to create. I didn't finish the clock this week. I hope for the next one.

In the meantime I sketch and experiment with my new top secret project. I rarely have time for it, but it fascinates me so much that I do everything to jump into that idea and explore a bit. I think I will make a few project and if it works I will release the photos and info.

This is my Bee Clock progress:


The article on whizual.net

Recently I was asked to share my story on whizual - aesthetics blog and here it is:
http://whizual.net/polymer-clay-wall-clocks-nibyniebo/ written by Igor Stanković (Thanks Igor!)