New year brings new ideas!

Yes, a few weeks ago I had that brilliant idea, and for the last few weeks I've been putting it into effect. And I'm fascinated, excited and I sense so many possibilities.
Today I can say more about it!
The main idea was to connect polymer clay (that I know very well) and embroidery (that I know too, but didn't practice for a long time).
First I sculpted colorfull rings, circles and spikes out of polymer clay. Baked it.
And then I started stiching. Stiching hoops and stiching polymer clay pieces literally!
And I fell in love with the outcome! Mixture of textures is so rich, eye-catching. Thread makes polymer look softer. Polymer clay contrast with the fluffy look of fabric and thread.

As first I started abstract series of hoops, full of small forms. It is very experimental. And it is spontaneous, free in the core spirit! I just do what I feel and like. I don't limit myself to anything. I don't sketch. Just pure improvisation!
I'm starting with sculpting clay and then move to designing composition, I put next to it threads, arrange colors. Then I start and let it lead me wherewer it can. It's so much fun!

Anyway if you share my enthusiasm you can buy hoops from my collection in my Etsy store!
Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Nibyniebo?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Here are the photos, deatails and full pieces of my first series ' Soft Abstract'.


My art didn't go viral but it doesn't really matter for passionate artist.

A few months ago I was featured on Bored Panda, and then a few other features followed. But it's not that easy my art didn't become 'viral'.
My Instagram account has 160 followers, but the photos and hastags are not the case.

When you are an artist the things that matter are ideas, creative proccess and above all the message and self-experssion. That's the source of my joy at least. I stubbornly play that game of art because it is the sense of my life. It is fulfilling and it is fun.

My brain was contaminated with art virus in the early childhood. I grew up with crayons and brushes and colorful paper. I can't get rid of them, so I celebrate art. I do it despite life circumstances, discouragement and lack of income from artistic activity.

I'd like to tell you today - go and create. And be happy in that process. Enjoy tremendously and shamelessly every creative minute of your life!


Juicy red-orange polymer clay wall clock

Here it is, a polymer clay wall clock, all fresh and juicy. And as usual, a lot of projects running in the background. I'm so overwhelmed with my ideas. I'm so in love with creating.



Late evening wonders...

Recently I've been wondering about things. About my life, art, creating. About my family, future, kid(s!). I've been wondering about dreams. What do I want? What do I need? What is really important. Who am I? Did I change? How?
Some days seems desperate and chaotic. I know, I can't have everything, but why do I feel sometimes like I had nothing at all?
Joy is like a dog which is missing. He just smelled some scent and is gone for some time. I can sense his trace marked with warmth.



Miniature plants in faux concrete pots

Hey! This is one of my experiments with polymer clay: faux concrete pots and plants. All presented in tiny scale. They are miniatures. And they are listed in my Etsy store. Link to the listing HERE.


Faux concrete. Faux dreams.

Here it is. A miniature sculpture of two elephants. It's faux concrete, the real material is polymer clay. I've made them some time ago, and forgot about them. Actually, they are pretty sweet, so I share it today. I have also some faux concrete miniature plant pots. I've been interested in faux concrete for a while. I even consider using this technique in clock sculptures! One day maybe.