Late evening wonders...

Recently I've been wondering about things. About my life, art, creating. About my family, future, kid(s!). I've been wondering about dreams. What do I want? What do I need? What is really important. Who am I? Did I change? How?
Some days seems desperate and chaotic. I know, I can't have everything, but why do I feel sometimes like I had nothing at all?
Joy is like a dog which is missing. He just smelled some scent and is gone for some time. I can sense his trace marked with warmth.



Miniature plants in faux concrete pots

Hey! This is one of my experiments with polymer clay: faux concrete pots and plants. All presented in tiny scale. They are miniatures. And they are listed in my Etsy store. Link to the listing HERE.


Faux concrete. Faux dreams.

Here it is. A miniature sculpture of two elephants. It's faux concrete, the real material is polymer clay. I've made them some time ago, and forgot about them. Actually, they are pretty sweet, so I share it today. I have also some faux concrete miniature plant pots. I've been interested in faux concrete for a while. I even consider using this technique in clock sculptures! One day maybe.


I am starting new pair of wall clocks...

Last week I've started new pair of winged wall clocks. For the project I use wings from my DIY polymer clay wings tutorial. (link here). Then at weekned I was traveling and sketching. Sketching always brings me new ideas. And this week I'm back to sculpting. Finishing these pieces seems achieveble by Friday! Hopefully!


New photosession

Here are the two clocks.
And the herd of eyes wall.
And two elephants. And a plant in a hand painted pot.

You can buy it in my etsy store:


Set of two white-blue-copper clocks...

This is the small wall clock. It is meant to be anticlock. The big one will move clockwise.
All beautifully arranged on a piece of wall that I painted by myself.


A very, very, very big mess.

Mess is all around. Everywhere and it's really very big. My life is messy, I am messy, mess is messy.
In the past few weeks I've been desperately cleaning the mess several times. I was fixing the bad consequences of my messiness. And the consequences doesn't stop. They are comming and it is a sign for me. I should tidy up.
Tidy up my life and myself. Tidy up my room, shelves, and desk. I should keep tidy all the time. Pay attention to details, do the houswork first.
I should really, really do this.

So in the meantime I continue my project. I feel like the progress I made is smaller and smaller, but the project is almost over.
Today I've been doing this:


Fair Wings - Polymer Clay Tutorial !

I just edited my yesteday's work - 3 pairs of Fair Wings (I'll use the to make insect clocks). I put everything into few pages tutorial, with pictures and descriptions! Hope you will enjoy and share your projects with me.


Progress on the project - wall clocks and the wall

For now I have a beetle sculpture framed, ready to hang. As well as a piece of hand paited wall. Yes, 'the herd of eyes' - it is my creation.
I also made some test pictures of the wall, but I'll public them later eventually.
Here is a small clock progress- main charakter (small one) for my wall arrangement.
Really, I havent' thought that it would take so much time to complete.


Sunny afternoon with fantasy beetles!

This is the part of my wall arrangements project where I create the whole piece of wall with the clock in the center.
There will be a few small pictures of beetles, a circle macrama, cacti pot, glass dome with something - a bird or just something and maybe a small botanical painting.

These are the beetles that I worked on today:


Wall with wall clock - I sketch it all.

Last weekend I spend designing walls with my insect wall clocks (that don't exist yet). This is first step to creating real wall with a clock as a cherry at the top of a cake. :)
And trying plenty of walls I fell in love with one small drawing of a set of two clocks. I drew them larger and have already started making form scrach. Yes, I know, I didn't finish the bee clock.
Have a look at the sketches.


Studio time - Polymer Clay Wall Clock - Bee

I'm so tired of this week! I had lots of things to do, and very little time to create. I didn't finish the clock this week. I hope for the next one.

In the meantime I sketch and experiment with my new top secret project. I rarely have time for it, but it fascinates me so much that I do everything to jump into that idea and explore a bit. I think I will make a few project and if it works I will release the photos and info.

This is my Bee Clock progress: